6: The Rebirth of Inmate 92164-054... Charlie Shrem (Part 2)

November 29, 2016

This is the 2nd part of a two-part episode on Charlie Shrem, America’s first Bitcoin superstar.  When we left Charlie at the end of Episode 1, he was just being confronted by joint FBI, DEA, IRS task force at JFK Airport in New York.  Upon his arrival, he is arrested and detained by the federal authorities.  Tune into the second part of this two-part episode to find out what happened to Charlie. Why was he detained?  On what charges? We follow Charlie through the shock of these events and discover how his experiences changed him and his relationship to the world of Bitcoin and blockchain. We conclude the episode with a conversation with Ned Scott, the Co-founder and CEO of Steemit, an exciting new blockchain project that Charlie is involved in.


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Michael Smith Baker: Michael Smith-Baker was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. on July 31st, 1982. Growing up he used to love going to the neighborhood playground and watch different people workout using whatever they can just to stay fit.

Michael pursued a career in fitness, working for a major health club for over a decade. There he became a certified personal trainer, but he wanted more. Through his observation at the sports club he realized that a lot of customers were joining the gym but had no real commitment or plan to get them to where they wanted to go health wise.

Shortly after his departure from the sports club he created 1 Oak Fitness. He then partnered with Nikita McDonald and together they created 1 Oaks "Fitness with a 360 approach". A program used to provide clients with a fitness goal and the necessary steps they need to achieve it. Our slogan is "never commit to a gym, instead commit to a person because they have a heart."

Ned Scott: Ned is the cofounder and CEO of Steemit, a new social media platform that is built on a blockchain foundation.  What sets Steemit apart from other social media sites is that Steemit awards both users and content contributors with convertible cryto-currencies, thus allowing users and contributors to share in the wealth generated from social media.  You can learn more about Steemit at 

Charlie Shrem: Charlie is a Bitcoin Pioneer and founder of the Bitcoin Foundation (Vice-Chairman 2012 to 2014). As CEO of BitInstant, one of the earliest and largest Bitcoin companies processing 30% of all Bitcoin/USD volume, Charlie has worked on the protection and promotion of Bitcoin and the Blockchain. Since then, Charlie has developed joint ventures between traditional finance companies and Bitcoin companies such as His film “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” premiered at The Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

  • Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary:  For those of you interested in what life is like in Lewisburg, here are a couple of links that you might find helpful.  Please note that Lewisburg has two separate facilities, one being a maximum security prison, and one being a minimum security facility.  Charlie was located in the minimum security facility; which is completely separate from the maximum security prison.

  • Charlie Shrem’s Motherboard article on digitizing the Mackerel



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